Press Release Ideas to Increase Revenue

Press Release Ideas for Increasing Revenue

Press Release Ideas to Increase RevenuePress releases generate buzz and can increase your company’s visibility which can increase revenue and generate profit.  If you are struggling with ideas for your business’s next announcement, use some of our press release ideas.

  • Provide education, entertainment, and information your clients can use by providing helpful tips and tricks related to your business.
  • Demonstrate the value of your industry by releasing findings of new research or study specific to your industry.
  • Show potential clients and competitors you stay technologically current to serve them better by announcing significant upgrades to an existing website or new website.
  • Tell people how and where to find you, and how your new location provides better service to your potential clients by announcing a relocation or opening of a new office.
  • Show you support your community or a cause by announcing your involvement with charity work, supporting a group, and donating to charity.
  • Help people understand your new service or product; people thrive on learning and trying new things.
  • Announce the signing of a well-recognized client (make sure you have the permission to publish this client’s name).
  • Announce interesting trends.  People love trends, and some seek trend information every day.
  • Announce the formation of a sister company.
  • Announce receiving an award or honor.
  • Announce the offering of free information, eBook, or white paper. Giveaways encourage people to buy something from you later.
  • Changing the company name or image; people love to hear about a company with an edge to their market plan. It makes them seem able to keep up with the trends or growing markets.
  • Publish commentary or your business’s tie-ins to current events.
  • Advertise free shipping offers or a change to shipping rates.
  • Demonstrate staying power by announcing corporate celebrations, e.g., 60 years in business.
  • Announce a product name change.
  • Announce a media appearance.
  • Announce news of strange or bizarre facts if the news is relevant to your business, e.g., coffee shop offer exclusive $100 secret drink.

What ideas do you have for press releases to help our community?

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